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Draca Beordor

Viking Age Reenactment


About Us

Draca Beordor is a Viking Age reenactment group based in and around Somerset, UK, created for the purpose of authentically portraying the lives and technologies of Viking Age people in Europe.

As a reenactment group, Draca Beordor aims to provide a 'cross-section' of the Viking Age by drawing on evidence from historical sources and archaeology from our regions. We aim to dispel myths and misinformation associated with the period, choosing modern interpretations of archaeological evidence when available.

Members within Draca Beordor will portray the clothing, utilities and fighting equipment of a specific region or culture within Viking Age Europe; areas in the world ranging from Birka, Sweden, to Dublin, Ireland. We can use these authentic recreations to show the public how diverse Viking Age people and cultures were. 

This group is a working community who welcomes those who wish to aid in our recreation of this period. 

If you have any enquiries at all, please see our 'Contact Us' section below.

About Us
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